Checking out Haldon

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The high winds over the last few weeks knocked over quite a few trees at Haldon.
After a meeting with Gemma from the Forestry Commission we have chosen the stages for the race including a back up plan should we get more high winds and more trees down.

The stages we are using that have trees on will be cut and removed ready for the race on 9th March.

I am really super excited for the stags we have for this race, We are not using what was stage 3 last year after it go so muddy. The stages this time are just super fun and a lot longer than last years.

3 thoughts on “Checking out Haldon”

  1. What are the 3 stages this year? I hear Rusty Pram on Cafe Side may be included? Understand about Stage 3 it was a pig last year for later riders. Is stage 1 & 2 still the same? 🙂 Thanks

  2. The stages will revealed on Saturday to keep them all fresh for everyone.
    There is still forestry work ongoing on a stage do we don’t want riders getting in the way until they have finished.

    Your in for a treat all off piste trails!

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