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A few days ago we went to check out the stages for the race this weekend.

They are all looking in great condition for the race, the bottom fields are being cut so we can have the flat out  blast into the finish arena again that was loved so much last year.

There will be live times at the bottom of every stage with times displayed on the big TV screen.

The transitions to the stage start is just pedal up the main fire road to start of the all stages so nice and easy and we always give you loads of time to get there.

The stages are mixed up of the all tracks but we will miss out the real hard parts to make it fun for everyone to ride and each stage will go back through the finish field each time so your in for quite relaxed race but using some of the best tracks in Cearsws.

The weather looks perfect for the race with dry and sunny from now until the race its going to be a banger of a weekend.

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