661 Mini Downhill Winter Racing

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The 661 Mini DH is now its 6 year in the Forest of Dean, the races started out small and have grown to be the races to do over the winter.

We have many famous names over the years who come to down to race for the laid back nature and good vibe the mini downhill races has to offer. It’s now a breeding ground for local new talent that will surprise quite a few with their race times. Lots of good tracks have sprung up over the last few years but you get to race on the best of these. Its a good mix from swooping corners, roots & rocks sections but everyone will have fun riding. This makes the racing really intense where every single second counts. Riders will be competing against the clock to get the fastest time. Two timed runs the winner is the rider with fastest time.

Quote from Hot Dates in MBUK magazine “Probably the most fun you can have in the winter. Mini DH racing at its absolute finest and the perfect opportunity for younger riders to have a crack at racing. It’s making us feel all warm inside just thinking about it!“


Six Six One prizes for top 3 in each categories.

Event Program:


Practice 9.00am – 10.45am

Race Starts (2 x runs weather and light permitting) 11.00am – 3.30pm

Prize Presentations 4.00pm


Race categories – No license required to race

In December no BC ranking points.

Product prizes to top three in each age category

Each Winner also wins a free uplift day from Simon from Flyup Downhill


  • Hardtail age – 13+
  • Ripper Age 10-12
  • Juvenile Age 13-14
  • Youth – Age 15-16
  • Junior – Age 17-18
  • Senior – Age 19-29
  • Master – Age 30-39
  • Veteran – Age 40+
  • Ladies – All ages
  • Pro-Open – Age 17+ for any experienced racers, Pro, semi pro or any one who wants the challenge of this intense type of racing. – No license required to race



You can collect your number board on Saturday afternoon to save time on Sunday morning.


Please bring £5 note deposit for Number Board (you will get this refunded after on return of your number board after the race)

Saturday 4.00pm to 5.00pm (by cafe)
Sunday 8.15am to 10.00am (in Forest)

You must sign on and collect your number board before 10am on Sunday.
Full Face Helmets must be worn and done up for practice & racing on the track.


2014 Race Schedule:

Saturday – The forest is open as normal and you must follow the local rules & fees.

The course will be marked out on Saturday and there will be registration during Saturday evening.


Saturday is not part of the event so there are no marshals or medics on the track. You are responsible for your own saftey and wellbeing during Saturday.


Race day with offical Practrice and race with Marshals & Medics on teh race track. 

Sunday – Race Day

Registration 8.30am to 10.30am You must sign on and register before riding the track.

4.30pm Podiums Top 5 in each category
Entry procedure, distribution of identification numbers: The race is pre-entry only, though if spaces remain, we will accept very limited entries on the day. Enter via the British Cycling website.

You do not need a race licence to race.

It is their responsibility to look after your number board. A lost number board will mean a £5.00 charge for a replacement as will a number board that has a modified shape and sponsors’ logos removed. No defacing of number boards. The number boards remain the property of Mini Downhill.

Race Regulations: The event will run under BC Regulations and Penalties.

Please make sure you aware of the rules. A course inspection will performed before the start of practice with the Chief BC Commissaire and any recommendations will be implemented.

The course will be covered by marshals. They will have red and yellow flags, radio communications and be briefed each morning.
Mini Downhill rules incorporate those laid out in the current BC and UCI handbook.

We recommend that all riders and especially Juvenile and Youth age riders must wear the following body armour: Full Spine Elbow pads Knee pads.